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Are Solar Power Banks Worth It?

By Big Bear July 09, 2019 0 comments

Solar Power Bank F.A.Q. and Benefits

Are Solar Power Banks Worth It?

To most people, Yes. 


It's not really if a solar power bank is any good, most are, but it is what you get from a reliable one. 

Are your texts and phone calls valuable to you?




All the important thiings that a solar power bank can... well... power.
When your iPhone, Galaxy, GoPro, DJI, tablet, camera, runs out of power, and they will, you miss out.  All those things that you need the devices for are missed.  
What if you missed an emergency phone call or text?
What about that precious photo?
What about google maps? 

Some horror stories include peoples phones dying while trying to get somewhere new.  While waiting for their Uber.  Can you imagine, new city, new area, out for fun and boom... dead phone.  Out hiking and dead GPS? 

So...  Is it worth it to have those things whenever you rneed them?

Yeah... 100%

How does a solar power bank work?

Well, basically you have a battery pack and solar panels.  The battery pack can hold a certain amount of charge depending on the rating.  Any thing for a small 1200mAh which would charge a phone once, to these bulky and unwieldy 25000mAh. Just take a car battery with you.
That power bank is now attached to 1-4 solar panels.  They really act as a 2nd line of defense.
The power bank should be charged, but say it isn't? Simply open the solar panels and let them harness the energy of the sun and recharge those batteies.
Perhaps you are out hiking or having a long day at the beach, or a sporting game.  Same thing.  Perhaps you do recharge several devices.  Well with the solar panels you can keep charging your power bank and the fun keeps going.  Bluetooth speakers can stay going, your phone, your camera, etc.
So.  While normal power banks only have that one charge, after you have it plugged in at home, solar can keep recharging your devvices.

Well, this sounds cool.

Where would I get a solar power bank?

We have you covered.  We have a great option that will charge your phone more than 3+ from the battery alone. Then you still have the solar to keep charged.
The nice thing is it has a great looking case. 2-4 solar panels... Yeah, you will have plenty incoming power. 2 USB out ports. So you can charge any device with a USB cable.  and after the day or concert when you are out at night it has a flashlight built in.
No more searching through your bag in the dark.
No more walking back from the beach in the dark.
No more tripping around a campground.
Its even fun for the kids.  Ours love playing with the 3 modes.  Steady on flashlight. SOS beacon. And what they call rave dance mode.  A rapid flashing mode, like a strobe.


Are solar power banks good? 

We'll let you decide the value of your life without your devices.  We have several in our family.


Best Seller

We have new arrivals of Cell Phone Power banks coming.  Choose one of our existing designs, or email us what you would like in a custom design!

Phone Collection


This is a great mobile solar power bank.

You can use it for:






Solar Power Bank vs Normal Power Bank?

Why decide?   The best selling soalr power bank is both.  You can take just the powerbank with you if you like.  So you have both the option of taking the solar panels and the power bank, or removing the power bank and taking just that feature alone.  Too cool.  Eiter way you still get the LED light.



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